Just carry me home tonight.

March 9, 2012

Tonight, he is so close, so kind. I feel youthful, free, and endless.

We’re not even in the same city. It’s madness. How can I feel so close to someone so far away? My heart beats fast against my chest, and my stomach flutters.

“Isn’t that what he’s for,” whispers my dark one through the phone. My lounge is dim, and the music wafts in the background. I laugh, gently.

He’s never here on a Friday. That’s the reason I suffer depression, alcoholism and have an infatuation with my boss,” I don’t feel I need to speak loudly into the phone, even though the reception isn’t that great, “I guess that’s why I need you.”

There isn’t any silence. He openly laughs, and my heart dances, my eyes shut, and my soul smiles. There’s no shut down. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. I choke a little, and he hears.

“What’s wrong,” he gently nudges, and I sigh, “what’s that for? Are you crying?”

“No, it’s just…” I gulp.

Silence. He’s waiting for me to say something. I can’t. What we have has grown and evolved, it’s so stupid to let it dwell in the background. My feelings for him are stronger then what I feel for anyone else.

“… I think I love you…” static ensues, and the line goes dead.

Funny, how life never seems to want me to share the truth.


3 Responses to “Just carry me home tonight.”

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  2. rsmithing said

    This is quite the post! Your phrasing is poetic and definitely conveys the agony of something unrequited.

    Hi there – I’m Richard. I discovered your blog in searching for “Carry Me Home Tonight,” referring to the pop song with that title. I actually link to your post over at my place with a video of the track. Just thought you’d appreciate the reference. Cheers.

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